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Here's a collection of my most recent logo designs for my freelance clients. Interested in a new logo? See below for details. Looking for more than a logo? Check out my services to find the right fit for your brand.


Logos can be budget friendly, starting at single typographical logos around $200 to a full logo suite around $700+

My logo designs can be super-quick with one straightforward logo, or we can build an entire Logo Suite, with everything you need to make your mark stand strong and look professional. Usually Logo Suites consist of three logo marks - a horizontal, vertical, and an abbreviated mark that goes well on social media profiles. All logos are wrapped up with print and web resolutions in a Logo Kit at the end of our project. I will include any purchased fonts, colors, and resource files we've gathered for your art.

The Logo Design process (depending on your needs): 

Quick Brand Discovery
This includes your typography study, color study, and creative questionnaire.

Four Initial Logo Concepts
Four different ideas to kick things off. Clients usually find one direction they fall in love with, or choose different elements for a combination.

Revision Rounds
Take a moment, step back, toss the ideas out to your friends and a few objective parties, and then let me know your honest feedback. Keep an open mind and let the ideas really sing to you.

Alternate Marks
After we nail your primary logo, I can quickly design two alternate marks that help in different applications.

Final Logo Artwork Files
This is where I gather all your logo styles and deliver each in print and web resolution file formats. I also deliver grayscale files and white files for colored backgrounds. They'll all be zipped up and sent in a nicely organized folder.

Ready to begin your logo design? Start here.
A sample of 1st design concepts for my client  Urbancut

A sample of 1st design concepts for my client Urbancut