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* * * * Please note ~ I am out of the studio for a few months on maternity leave. If you’re interested in working with my junior designers, please get in touch! I’m happy to review the project and get you squared away with the right designer for the job as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will return to my desk full-time in January, 2020. Thank you kindly, —Court * * * * * * *

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I sincerely appreciate the interest, but I am currently only accepting clients within the USA.
My studio is in sunny Colorado but I will happily design for US-based clients remotely. Thank you kindly!


booking info: 

I recommend getting in touch two weeks before you'd like to kick things off. That gives us some time to prepare, have our creative consult, and get our schedules + resources aligned. My #1 advice is to have a good bit of content and direction ready before we begin. My process moves ⚡ fast, but there's never any rush from me - you gotta do what you gotta do, and I get that.

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How do we begin the design process?

Super easy - let's talk all about you and your business. Simply send me an email or schedule a call. I offer free creative consults for every new client. If you're in sunny Colorado I'd love to buy you coffee, but if you're anywhere else in America - that's totally cool! We can call, skype, or whichever other method you prefer. Flexible is my middle name.

I'm not sure of what I want. How do we get there?

I've got you covered. Every project begins with a complimentary hour of creative discovery where I build a Pinterest board of ideas. From there, we play, imagine, and edit until we've found your brand's voice. This goes for your logo, web design - and much, much more.

Do you have a team for marketing, development, etc?

Yup! I have an amazing tech team I partner with in Denver for in-depth coding projects, and I'm making connections with photographers, marketers, and business savvy folks all the time. I'm happy to scout out extra talent where we need it - I'm totally here for you and your business.