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I'm a light-hearted/hard-working designer who sincerely loves what I do. Actually, it's fair to note: I do 100% of my work from love. Love for my client's mission, for helping their small biz dreams come true, and for giving them the best I possibly can in my design work. That's my purpose. This extends to staying on budget, working fast, keeping it happy, and communicating every step of the way.


My goal for every project is helping clients achieve a polished, unified solution that brings their brand and their audience joy. If you're not over the moon for your design, I'm working 'til we get you there. That's my promise.

Beyond the beautiful things, I'm a fellow business owner with an entrepreneurial heart. Hire me and I'm your brand's biggest fan - here to help to keep you inspired, organized, and growing your business through our design projects together. Want to know more? Get the gist of working with me.


On a personal level, I'm originally from Georgia. After graduating from Auburn University I packed up my dogs and road-tripped across the country. Ever since (for 10+ years), I've been working as a designer in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. 

I’m a Taurus, my dream car is a Prius, and I sincerely believe that open-minded hammocking with a glass of wine can swing life’s heaviness away. Enjoying time with family and friends is my jam! Our "little" family includes my husband + very young son, plus our two rescue pups. Our lives are full of hilarious moments, drool, and lots of cuddle time. 

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Courtney Oliver

Choosing a designer is about finding a confluence of aesthetics, professionalism, and personality. If you're enjoying my vibe and would like to chat about your project, send me an email - I'd love to make a connection.